First. “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”

I’m an aspiring actor, and I’m about to move to Los Angeles to pursues acting as a career.

If you’re another one of those crazy misfit souls looking to take something special out of life, I suggest you join me on this journey for inspiration and industry insights.

Overcome the notion that you must be regular. It robs you of the chance to be extraordinary.” – Uta Hagen

What is this blog about? You know damn well what you’ll find here.

Yet another ambitious attempt to conquer impossible-to-achieve objectives and prove to the haters–once and for all–that it’s not just a pipe dream where majority fails. If this blog stops being updated, just assume that I became famous.

At the time of this writing, which is December 6th 2013, I am two days away from moving to Los Angeles. Soon I will be landing in LAX and setting up in my new apartment, details on which are still being clarified.

Acting Plan - Stay Hungry, Stay FoolishWhere I’m from? Europe. Brighton, UK to be specific. But I’m not British. Read my full story to stop asking these personal questions.

I’m writing this piece drinking coffee on my balcony, still in Europe, absorbing Vitamin D from the last rays of sun before it abandons this rainy place for good. On the right you can see the view from my balcony, and life’s great right about now. But I’m staying hungry, and trying to be foolish.

Are you?

Goals for this blog

I’m not here to help. This is an individualistic acting blog, so why would you expect anything else. I’m here to share; a helping hand may just be the byproduct.

On this blog I’d like to document my pursuit of acting career goals in Los Angeles for as long as I can. As a result, the reader will observe the following:

  • Industry insights, straight form the horse’s mouth
  • Tips and ideas on the craft of film and TV acting
  • Brutal truth on what it takes to pursue this dream

The aim is to keep the information honest, identifiable and concise. I’ll try to provide tips that are accessible, and you’ll be able to replicate these same steps to take towards achieving your own career goals in show business.

I’ll bring in a variety of topics, but mostly we will be circling around the areas of Los Angeles, Film and TV acting, Talent agents, Casting directors, Other industry folks, Showcases, Casting breakdowns, Marketing tools, Acting books and so forth.

Speaking of books. If you’re wondering how can I provide any advice on this business, I’ve spent years–literally, years–reading and researching what it takes to become an actor in Los Angeles. Check out my collection of show business related books. A lot of them have been re-read many times over.

I’ll put together all the advice and techniques to the test to see what works, and update you with the results.

Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments below. If you’re reading this blog entry sometime far in the future, like November of 2039, and I’m still updating this site (good for you, but probably soul-crushing for me), I still encourage you to pitch your comment. This is the place where I check in for your feedback.

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Stay hungry, stay foolish.” – The Whole Earth Catalog


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